Worship moves to 109 J Street

Sunday morning worship services are now held at the Macau Cultural Center, 109 J Street. Parking is across Niles Blvd.; the entrance is on J Street. There is an elevator and stairs to the second floor (where worship services will be) and the third floor (where the children’s Sunday School will meet). The Adult Sunday School class will do some experimenting of their own to figure out where or even if they will meet during this time between facilities.

We will need to set up and clean up the chairs, the sound system, and the keyboard each week. People are encouraged to come early to help with set-up.

“We can look at this as a spiritual experiment,” Pastor Jeff said. “We have a couple months to experiment with what is really essential for us to be a worshiping community.”

The new year is a great time to join the choir. Choir rehearses at 7:30 each Thursday evening at Fremont Congregational Church, 38255 Blacow Road. For more information, contact Jonathan Borchardt.

Our temporary office is in on office trailer parked next to the similar construction office trailer in the parking lot at 36600 Niles Blvd. This space will be used by Cecilia and Randy for their work. Pastor Brenda and Pastor Jeff will work out of their homes and coffee shops. “You might think of these as ‘community office hours’,” Pastor Jeff said. He encouraged people to make sure they had the Pastors’ cell phone numbers and to watch the church’s Facebook page for announcements from him and Pastor Brenda to track where they are when. Pastoral counseling will need to take place in people’s homes.

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