December Special Offering

The December special offering will be going to Puente de la Costa del Sur, a non-profit working with migrant workers and their families in Pescadero. Wendy Taylor, a now-retired UCC minister, began a migrant ministry in 1998. This ministry became Puente and since then Puente has grown to become the region’s only Community Resource Center, serving the San Mateo County South Coast communities of Pescadero, La Honda, Loma Mar, and San Gregorio. Puente works with residents to develop a vibrant and dynamic community that reflects and promotes the values of self-determination, self-sufficiency, social justice, commitment to the natural environment, and their collective history and heritage. They provide comprehensive education and leadership development programs designed to transform lives and support residents to advocate for themselves and their communities. Examples are advocating for fair and equitable practices in the areas of immigration, education, youth and food security. This offering will be officially received on December 16. See for more information.

Thanks to your generosity, the November special offering raised $1151, which will be used for the family we sponsor later this winter in Abode Service’s Home Warming program. Meanwhile, the Turkey Fund purchased $1300 worth of turkeys for the Tri-City Volunteers Food Bank.

You can see the schedule of special offerings at or call the church office and Randy will mail you one.

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