Sunday morning “Discussions for Adults” kicks off new year

Formerly known as the Adult Sunday School, “Discussions for Adults” is kicking off the new school year on Sunday, September 7, at their usual time and place:  9:00 a.m. in Ford Hall.

This first gathering will be an opportunity to plan what kind of Sunday morning adult program feeds you most.  The goal is to design a program that meets the needs of the people who want to participate in this program.

Meeting with Pastor Jeff, group leaders John Zlatnik and Ron Adamson came up with several possible approaches.  The group could choose to pursue one of these for several weeks or possibly spend 2-3 weeks on each (or some) of the following:

We might read another book – or we may choose to do something that requires less homework  before coming …

  1. Examine a couple of the questions listed in a catechism (from a predecessor denomination to the U.C.C.) each week – and compare our answers!
  2. Examine the scripture that Jeff will preach on using resources from the Serendipity Bible as a discussion guide
  3. Undertake a study of the 8 points of Progressive Christianity
  4. As world events unfold, we can select what appears to be a current pressing issue and discuss what we think a Progressive Christian response would be
  5. Pastor Jeff identified a U.C.C. series called “Caffeine and …” This is a series of booklets dealing with what it means to be a Christian and make the choices that lead to a full life.
  6. It might be something we haven’t even thought of yet – so come and tell us about your ideas


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