Construction Update – August 21, 2014

Sanctuary ceiling in progress

Sanctuary ceiling in progress

Despite the serious setback of having the general contractor abandon our project, construction continues at 36600 Niles Blvd. Through the efforts of our talented and diligent Construction Team members and the skills of our project manager, Naomi Weinstein, we were able to contract directly with trade professionals to keep the project moving forward. We were fortunate to be able to hire Canyon’s site superintendent, Vince Pilotti, to continue to oversee work on site.

The crane used to install windows.

The crane used to install windows.

By press time, the roof was nearly finished and awaiting the installation of the new skylights. Work progressed on the installation of the sanctuary ceiling, with painting help from our own Marilyn Singer. We have contracts in place to complete the rough mechanical, electrical, and plumbing, as well as the fire sprinkler system, insulation, stucco, drywall, and painting. The most exciting work done this month was the installation of all the new windows, a complicated task that required the use of a crane.

A new window flies in for the Fellowship Hall.

A new window flies in for the Fellowship Hall.

As soon as the skylights are in place early in this month, the building will be considered watertight, and we can feel free to pray for rain. We expect that we will be able to close the walls and begin the interior finishes by mid-September.

At its meeting on August 19, the Construction Team agreed to move ahead with seeking a new general contractor, with the intention to have one in place by mid-September.

Ceiling boards painted by Marilyn Singer.

Ceiling boards painted by Marilyn Singer.

On Sunday, August 24, members of the congregation will gather at 36600 for a tour of the new building. Pastors Jeff and Brenda will lead everyone in a prayer of blessing for the new space, and then give everyone Sharpies with which to write prayers of blessing and hope on the studs and frames of the unfinished walls. These hopes and prayers will be sealed up into the building as it continues to emerge.

See many more pictures in our Construction Photo Album on our Facebook Page.


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