Making our church accessible to the hearing impaired

Dear Members, Friends and Loyal Followers of Niles Discovery Church.

The purpose of this letter is to ask you to contribute to the Angel Fund and in particular to the-hearing assistance effort.  Our immediate goal is to installed in the worship space and fellowship hall an excellent hearing aid assisted sound system.

We are looking at a loop system that is compatible with any hearing aid equipped with a telecoil. The vast majority of hearing aids come with the telecoil feature installed.  Click this link to learn more about this system.

We will also have portable units that can be checked out if a member or guest does not have a hearing device with the telecoil built in.  Contact me, Bill P., with questions and I will try to answer them or get the answers.

The cost to purchase and install this loop system is $15,000.  Melissa has already made a contribution to this fund as a memorial gift for Lil Hayden, her mother.

The Singer Family and the Palleschi Family are ready to add $2000 to the fund in the form of a challenge grant. We will match donations, dollar for dollar up to $2000. Sounds just like KQED doesn’t it?

And, here is even a better part.  If you want to donate a sizable amount but can’t write a check today, we have online giving so you can pledge $10 or $20 or any amount a month by credit card.  Just like KQED!  Ask me (Bill P.) how to do it if that method of giving seems sensible for you.

We need to move quickly to minimize installation costs.  If we install our loops before the sheet rock is installed, we can save considerable dollars. Canyon Construction expects to begin sheet rocking about the last week of July, so this project needs to be funded quickly.

Please consider making a donation today.

Thanks for your support,
Bill & Melissa                                  Bob & Marilyn





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