Construction Update – May 27

If you’ve passed by the construction site at 36600 Niles Blvd., you’ve seen that plenty is happening, and the new parts of the building are beginning to take shape. The framing of the new section is almost complete, and the trusses for the roof will be in place soon (if they aren’t already by the time we go to press). The new ceiling insulation in the sanctuary was completed last month, and already the sanctuary area is cooler and quieter. Construction Team members are pleased with this addition, even though it was an unexpected upgrade.

Melissa Palleschi and Marilyn Singer found a fantastic deal on a new gas stove, and with our hot water and sanitizer upgrades, we anticipate the kitchen being a real pleasure to work in. The new offices and classrooms are all taking shape, and it’s getting easier to imagine what it all will look like when it’s finished.

There will be a Town Hall Meeting on June 8, which will offer the latest update on the construction project.

The AV Team, a sub-committee of the Construction team, is hard at work planning our audio-visual needs for the new space. They hope to include a sophisticated loop system for those who need hearing assistance. If you haven’t donated to the Angel Fund already, please consider making a contribution for this system, which will make a difference for many folks in our congregation.

A row of classrooms

A row of classrooms

Fellowship Hall

Fellowship Hall

The new kitchen

The new kitchen

New sanctuary insulation

New sanctuary insulation

The view from Pastor Brenda's office

The view from Pastor Brenda’s office

The view from Pastor Jeff's office

The view from Pastor Jeff’s office

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