Construction Update – 24 April 2014

concrete fill 1 140325Throughout the month of April, it may have seemed that not much was going on at 36600, but the subcontractors were very busy working on the inside of the existing building, as the pictures on this page will show. The existing slab was cut to accommodate new plumbing for the bathrooms and kitchen, the pipes have been installed, and the floor recreated again. The huge steel beam over the chancel—called a moment frame—was installed and framed with wood to match the other beams in the sanctuary. As April ended, we began to see the framing go up for the new parts of the building, the offices, classrooms, and fellowship hall.

We continue to wrangle with the City of Fremont over the widening and improvement of Nursery Avenue and the installation of a new fire hydrant. Thad, our project manager at Canyon Construction, is working hard to untangle all the requirements and finalize this part of the project.

The Moment Frame is installedAs we expected, change orders are proving inevitable in this project. Sometimes, we change our own minds, and sometimes, we discover issues that were unexpected. In April, we made the decision to install a sanitizing dishwasher in addition to a regular home model dishwasher; this will give us the capability of hosting a community food program, such as a kids’ breakfast club or a low-income senior lunch. We have also had to make necessary changes in the walkways at the front of the church and changes to the original plan for the roof.

The AV Team, a sub-committee of the Construction team, is hard at working planning our audio-visual needs for the new space. They hope to include a sophisticated loop system for those who need hearing assistance. If you haven’t donated to the Angel Fund already, please consider making a contribution for this system, which will make a difference for many folks in our congregation.

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