March Forth on March Fourth

March-Forth-ProfilePicture-1On March 4, the day before Lent begins, the United Church of Christ and Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) denominations are encouraging all members to join a one-day initiative for acts of social justice. It’s just one day – to take action in your own way.

Participants may choose how to advocate to improve the lives of people in their communities, the nation or the world. Throw yourself into a project you are already passionate about:

  • Write a letter to your representative on a topical justice issue (like immigration reform, bullying, environmental justice, or another of your choosing)
  • Commit to make small, but important, changes (e.g., buy only fair trade products, use less electricity, get involved in justice work in your community, join or form a justice action committee at your church and become part of the UCC’s Justice and Peace Action Network, or the justice network in your denomination).
  • Commit to prayer and study on justice issues that resonate with you.
  • Take on a justice education or action initiative in your youth, adult, or intergenerational church group.
  • For more ideas, check out how others will March Forth on March 4th.

How will you March Forth on this day?

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