Why we support Tri-City Volunteers

The following is the Mission Moment presented by Doug Swint during worship at Niles Discovery Church on January 5, 2014.

Our mission offering for January is for Tri-City Volunteers; a local non-profit food bank and thrift store, located in Fremont.

Many of you know of the significance of TCV to our church, but those of you who are new may not, so I will give you a little background.  TCV began in 1970 due to the efforts of a generous member of our church, named Grace Draper. She began the effort in her garage with the belief that no one should be without food or warm clothing. Soon others in the church worked with her and a longtime member Mary Hewitt became an active part of the agency. And under her leadership TCV became a non-profit corp. and grew within the Tri-City area. She was the ED until the early 90’s, when she retired leaving a strong legacy.

Bob Morris also served on the Board of Directors for 6+ years and I have had the privilege to be on the Board for going on 7years and Board Chair the past 3 yrs.

Today TCV is the largest food bank of the Alameda County Food Bank network of 210 food banks, and we distribute over 25% of their total food distributed. We are in fact one of the largest single food banks in the state. TCV provides low income families with nutritious emergency food twice a month, as well as income support from our low cost thrift store. Last year we helped 6069 client families (over 16,000 people) twice a month.  We do this with only 8 paid staff and fortunately over 1700 volunteers last year.

The Tri-City area may seem like being a more affluent area than many in the Bay area, but the fact is there is an incredible need in our community for food and clothing. This last year, with the economic problems, job losses etc. we distributed 4.8 mil lbs of food with a value of over 8mil dollars. This compares with 4 years ago with $266,000 dollars of food distributed and 2012 6 mil dollars. So you can see that the need continues to spiral upwards.

So what can we do to help TCV? Food donations (food drives at work if you able), clothing donations, volunteering your time, and most importantly cash donations. Every dollar donated enables us to buy $5 worth of food. $100 dollars will feed a family for a month.

Our mission is to eliminate hunger and promote financial self-sufficiency in Alameda County and beyond, by distributing food and providing volunteer opportunities and job training in order to improve the quality of life for all in our community, especially children, youth, low-income families and seniors.

Please join me in making hunger history in our community.

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