“God In Action” group forming

Imagine meeting once a month with a small group of trusted friends to explore together how you have witnessed God In Action in your life.  Such a small group is forming with the hope that by exploring together, lives will be enriched and relationships with God and each other will be deepened.

The format of the group will be simple.  The group will gather, and after a brief check-in from each member, the group will explore in greater depth one or two individuals’ experiences of God In Action in their lives.  Group members will have a chance to share their witness, voice their questions, and explore their souls’ journeys in this sharing.

If you are interested in being part of this group, contact Rose Monroe at 510-476-6350.  The first two people to contact her will get to decide with her when the group will meet.  The “where” is already decided:  at the Masonic Home.

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