Cabinet approves sale of 255 H St.

After discussion and questions about the details of the sales agreement, the Cabinet voted unanimously (with one abstention) to approve the sales agreement with Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association.  The sales price is $1.92 million.  The church has a 30-day seller’s contingency, during which time the agreement will be reviewed by the church’s lawyer.  The buyer also has contingencies that will need to be satisfied before closing.  If all the contingencies are satisfied quickly, the sale is expected to close in mid to late February.

255 H Street

255 H Street

Of great importance is the lease-back agreement that is part of the sales agreement.  It includes that we can lease back the church building each Sunday morning and the evening of the first Monday of the month, plus the sanctuary each Thursday nights, plus what are currently the two pastors’ offices and the storage closet in the office suite as our own.  The outer office would be the purchaser’s space, but in a sense a shared reception area.  The lease back agreement goes through December 2014 (about the time we hope construction will be completed at 36600) and the cost is $1 per month plus our share of utilities, yard care, cleaning, and such.

This means that worship, Sunday School, and coffee hour – the heart of our life together as a congregation – will continue pretty much as we have known them.  The choir will continue pretty much as we have known it.  Setting up for worship and cleaning up after worship will have some additional tasks associated with them, and we won’t be able to use the facility during the rest of the week without making a special arrangement with the new owner.

How the office function during the rest of the week will shift.  Pastor Brenda and Pastor Jeff anticipate that they will be sharing an office and maybe start having office hours in coffee shops from time to time.  Those are all details that we will live into and we will work hard to communicate through the newsletter.

Because we won’t have the open opportunity to gather at the church for programs whenever we feel like it, we can gather in small groups in each other’s homes for fellowship, study, and spiritual support and accountability.  Some of these groups might include one of your pastors, but some won’t.  We will care for one another, united in God’s love for everyone’s journey … no exceptions.

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