Church starts collections for the Philippines

Devastated by Typhoon Haiyan, the needs in the Philippines are great.  Compassionate people are reaching out in response in many ways.  The most effective and immediate response is the donation of money and many organizations are receiving donations.

Photo from the Huffington Post

“I recommend donating through the church,” said the Rev. Jeffrey Spencer, Senior Pastor at Niles Discovery Church, “for several reasons.  First, 100% of the donation does to programs and support on the ground.  This happens because the United Church of Christ and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) have denominational partnerships with churches in the Philippines.  The infrastructure for that partnership is already established and paid for, so money donated for disaster relief goes directly to programs of relief and support.

“Second, the local churches in the Philippines know what the specific needs are in their communities.  There are no needs for ‘experts’ to come in and make assessments.

“Third, by giving through the churches, we decrease the likelihood of corruption decreasing the effectiveness of donations.”

If you would like to donate to support Typhoon Haiyan relief in the Philippines, make a check payable to Niles Discovery Church and mark is “Typhoon.”  These donations are tax deductible.

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